About us

Our company was founded in 2007, when Romania joined the European Union. After an experience of over 5 years in Italy with a transport company, we decided to open a group of companies covering a wide range of your transport needs in general.

Having experience in this field in Romania, I decided that one of our group companies, namely ITALMARCO, should also provide professional services in financial and legal consulting for foreign investors in Romania.


In the context of movements and individual needs of the labor market in the European Union, we have also developed an employment agency serving the needs of people seeking employment in the following fields: transport, agriculture and tourism.


Having a 5-year collaboration with a company which specializes in foreign VAT refund, we can return your VAT in a fast and efficient way. Due to our relations with the authorities, we can deal in a professional manner all the bureaucratic procedures necessary to recover foreign VAT.


The high level of our services is always constant, which makes any problems encountered to be resolved promptly.